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Transcribe Your Audio and Video Files into Easily Readable Text, Effortlessly and in No Time With Exceptional Data Transcription Services Offered By Our Seasoned Linguistic Experts

Experience highly accurate transcriptions with the right balance of AI and Human Intervention. Our proprietary technology speech-to-text AI allows us to deliver fast, high-quality and cost-effective transcripts which then are assessed and edited by our language experts. Clandica’s experienced transcription team is highly specialized in audio/video to text conversions, video captioning, language subtitles and more. We offer simple pricing, quick delivery, secure processing and high quality transcriptions.

Our Transcription Services :

Business Transcription

Transcribe qualitative market research records and minutes of company meetings, seminars and conferences for future reference.

Market Research Transcription

Research study voice memos, conference calls and interviews are transcribed into text documents.

Audio Transcription

Any audio file format into text document

Video Transcription

Multimedia-to-text formats of YouTube and other video footage or similar files.

Legal Transcription

Legal documents from video or audio format to written text document for mock juries, deposition,scourt tapes and wire tapes

Medical Transcription

Medical advice from healthcare professionals from audio format to written text document

Simplified, Secure and affordable transcription services for your complex business needs:

Specialized Services

We work for you, our specialized data transcripts are produced by our highly trained workforce. All the transcriptors are fully vetted and are required to agree on a NDA to ensure complete client confidentiality. We provide dedicated delivery teams to meet your individual requirements. 

Security Guaranteed

Our proprietary workforce management and task distribution platforms have been built with the industry’s best information security protocols and processes to ensure that your data is encrypted and securely maintained.

Affordable Solutions

The technology and workflows we have built enable us to deliver the highest quality data consistently and at low prices.

High Quality

We use a robust review process consisting of multiple levels of reviews to ensure the highest level of quality in all data transcriptions

24/7 Support

round the clock support or dedicated team, with under 24hr response time.

Clandica understands what it takes to deliver the best quality data to help its clients with their data creation. Here, you will find the right balance of experienced human force and AI technology that work together to deliver incredibly accurate data. Our transcription services offer specialized solutions in key fields from legal to research and medical transcription. How does it work? Simply send us your audio/video files and you’ll receive back the the transcripts in the time mentioned by the allocated language professional who ensure quick turnarounds.


Ready to Text?  Let’s Tailor the Price and Delivery